festering mad

why can’t it beĀ  ok to get mad? You know the type of mad that if you are angry, you are able to express it with out everyone around you freaking out? I wish I had a relationship with my sisters where I could be who I am and experience the kind of mad, when you feel you have been wronged by a person and you are able to stand up and say “HEY! that’s wrong!”, you discuss it and move on.
No I have to hold my stuff in, till they push me to the edge and I let it out. Bullies. It is not ok to be human around these women. I express anger and then next thing you know, we don’t talk for a year (this happened with one). Then one day it was 5 years . Now we just don’t…..
I would just like to be able to get mad, and it be ok.

Little Sister

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