Alone Time

One of the bad things ( sad things) of being estranged from sisters is health issues. I have issues I am dealing with and sometimes it is a sucky feeling sitting in the doctors office, alone and being in the same town as two. One could be there with me at the appointment while my boobs get smashed and afterwards we could all meet up with another sister and have lunch! Reality check, that was a different time, when they liked me. I try not to be so sad when I have to go to these visits. I use the hours drive for reflection time and I don’t mind shopping alone too much. There were a couple of visits that I really had wished someone was there with me. My husband will go with me if needed, it’s just I try not to ask for the regular “follow up” ones. I did have a bad day not too long ago, being in the big city and out shopping and can’t help but notice girl couples. Laughing and doing what girls do when they shop together. I had to leave the store and go to the car and have a nice cry. Some times it really sucks.
My big sister once told me the harshest thing you could do to another human being is to not care.
Simple, you show no hate and you give no emotion. You simply stop caring for that person.
God she was so right, it works. And it does not feel good. It is very heavy and lonely. Sad.

Little Sister

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