On being Nice

If people ask why I am in this town,  I tell them because of the school system we as family chose. Really it was because two sisters are here and the other close by. It was going to be fun and we were all supposed to live happily ever after.
So corny sounding.
Reality, we came and I worked for and with them, took abuse from them and way before the death of my mother I saw the relationships start to fade. When no one showed up to help me unload the moving van that was when I knew something was wrong.
I just don’t want to be around mean people any more. I am trying to put myself in a much better state of mind. I saw one sister pulling out of her drive recently. I have to pass and I freeze. Split second, bam put that smile on my face and drive 10 and 2. I try to drive around with a smile on my face just in case I do see any of them. Just smile and keep it a real smile, I am a better person.
I am going to a wedding soon, I worry they will be there. I just hope I will be able to handle myself with Grace and Style! I have been avoiding going out recently because I MIGHT see them, and when I did step out one evening was relieved to not have to deal with them. I don’t like mean people. I myself have a right to be mad and I don’t have to subject myself around bitter, mean people. Why can’t people play nice anymore?

Little Sister

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