Better off without you

We were once close as two women who only met as adults could be. I always thought she and I shared more then the others. Being we were the “bad” ones. We had lots of fun and went through some wild and strange times. But something happened. I saw the light?  I don’t know it’s like
she woke up one day and decided she hated me.
I have seen this women be so sweet to her friends then in the same breath, turn an snap at me because she could. using her body language, railroading me down because she could. Because I let her. I didn’t stand up and say “Hey you can’ treat me that way!” I just let her do it. That sharp cutting tone in her voice. Sending me straight down because I was nothing and she could.
Why? because she is my sister. So are you really supposed to let them walk over you and treat you like dog shit on the bottom of their shoes, because there may be blood or half blood relation? Blood does not make it ok and again I have to ask myself, would I have these people as friends? The answer is no. Bullies. I do know I could have never have treated her so badly as she did me.
I don’t see her or the others anymore. I don’t want to. What does one say to people who will never admit they were wrong and who will never admit that they were mean and hurt your feelings?
Cold and heartless.

Little Sister

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2 Responses to Better off without you

  1. mel says:

    Your comments helped me SO MUCH with my own issues with
    my estranged sister. My estranged sister is dying of cancer and
    while I forgive her for all the pain she caused me by the bullying,
    put-downs, abuse, I still feel the pain after 35 years. THANK
    YOU for sharing. You have helped me realize that many of us,
    particularly those of us who were “younger sisters” have experienced
    and deal with the pain of sisters without a heart.

  2. 1 of 4 says:

    I think it is unrealistic and selfish to expect all siblings to get along. I resent being forced together with my sister who has alway been mean and cold hearted to those that do not have something she wants. My life is better without her in my life and I will not expose myself to abuse because it makes someones life more orderly. It is not real and is not a good use of the limited time I have on this earth just to make your life more orderly, like matching bookends. I am a person with feelings, not an accessory to the interior decorating of your life. Get use to me not being at family gatherings. I am happier, sorry you are not.

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