Creeps and Bullies

They all creep me out. To the point of me not wanting to go out to any events that they MIGHT be at! If they will just stay away from me and ignore me that would be great, but it is the confrontation that I fear. I feel it simmering in my belly, I try to prepare myself for it.
I don’t work in public anymore and I have no one to answer to but myself and my two man army. That gives me power. Power to stand up and scream GET AWAY FROM ME YOU UGLY MEAN PEOPLE!

I just want them to leave me and mine alone, just like they have been. We are not friends and now I can stand up for myself and let that be known. With Valentines coming up I am starting to freak out, I had better not get anything from them. Hateful people giving words of love? I will be putting a note on my mailbox telling them not to touch it!

Going on 4 months since last contact. I have been having my moments of rage and sadness. I research how to deal with issues and such and it has helped.

I have it in my head now that I did not have two of these people in my life for the first 20 or so years  and I was ok. I knew about them and was aware of them. No different then today. I hope I am better prepared to handle any dealings. Creeps

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