NO Love Here

Oh damn, I should have put that note on the mailbox. I just knew this year the valentine act would not happen.  Why the hell would it not go the way I wanted it? At least the one sister got it right, she stopped ALL contact. Meaning birthday, christmas and valentines. She stopped on the whole family.  The shock over that took a couple of years to get over. She was the one who told me the worst thing you could ever do to another human being is to not care. No contact, no emotion. Wow she was soooo right

In the mean time (no really MEAN) the passive aggressive bullies that are near me won’t stop. They dropped off a flyer about LOVE. I got sick to my stomach. It’s like rubbing hate in my face. Nothing special, just the general one that gets handed out.  The last time one of these people saw my husband, she threatened him with violence! What was it like in that car in front of my house during the am drop off. Was any of them like “ewww why are we here?”

That is the weird stuff that gets in my head, then it simmers. I am so insulted. And creeped out as well. I spent the whole day on valentines trying to come up with a scathing letter to them. I want them to stay away now. I had decided that this flyer would be the was to my closure.

Resentment is not good  yada yada yada. I know this and there is some good reading out there. I read it, re-read it.  I keep going back to this one post:

“If you don’t tell anyone, ever, that they hurt you, then nobody would ever know their behavior might have been out of line. Which it is entirely possible it isn’t – everybody screws up sometimes.”

This is why I have this overwhelming need to get this stuff off my chest. Let it go, have my say whatever. I know for a fact I do not want anything to do with such negativity. And I don’t want it around my son.  Creeps.  I have 3 choices here.

1. Go to the postmaster like the husband suggested (at least he brought this one in, one yr he threw one away knowing how much getting that trash hurt me)

2. Ignore it. After I get over the rage of it, like I have done in the past.

3. End it. Return said flyer back to senders along with drama filled note filled with capital letters stating: NO MORE.

I keep leaning towards #3.


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