Just Musing

Sound family advice I gave to myself.

Yes I know this is your town, yes you have been here longer then me. That is why I gave it up, I quit my job because I was outnumbered. When you are ganged up on, just by the up and down heaving of the gangs chests is enough to intimidate,  it’s a sick feeling. The flashing and glare of the eyes, can tell you that it is fixin to hit. No words even have to be spoken. And when they do speak the tone…. if the tone is harsh enough for someone standing next to you to notice, you better look out and be on your toes and just avoid them. I know who is going to win, so I let them have THEIR way. Bullies.
I have become a recluse in the very town they invited me in. The people who are nice to me are the people they told me to stay away from.
You work really hard for them, often for free and because you feel some sort of honor. They say they will help, but never show up. You pay them money to come help, then they leave you midway to trot off for a pleasure trip while they help someone else.  It’s a weird feeling.
And never once should you complain or try to stand up for yourself.
You do all that you can for them and they make you believe you will be rewarded because that is what they said they would do. Then they take it away and you are left to wonder what went wrong.
And never once should you complain because if you do, they will drop the ball, turn their backs and walk out of your life because you are the most evil and disgusting thing they have ever had to bother and deal with.
Don’t make my mistakes, don’t forget that you are a human. If you do forget then you will cry, a lot. Don’t waste that energy, don’t waste that time. Don’t ever feel like you don’t deserve to inhabit the same planet much less the same state. Be true to yourself and stand up and scream out that it is not ok to treat you less than human. It’s not ok to take abuse of any kind.
And if you wouldn’t have these people as friends, they sure the hell don’t deserve to have you  as a sister.

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