If snappin at me and giving me the cold shoulder in life makes you happy, then Ok. If being mean to me and tryin to make me feel bad makes your day, then Ok. If erasing me out of your life and ending all contact makes you happy, Ok. I have no control over how you feel or how you deal with life.
I do however have control of my happiness and well being.
Putting myself and my family in situations where people are going to make them feel less then human and treated badly then, no thanks.

What exactly is wrong with just a little bit of kindness? what does it hurt to be kind? Does it not take much more energy to be mean and a bully?

So many questions and nobody to answer them. It’s not like  they would tell the truth, or admit they were and are mean. It won’t be talked about, it won’t be addressed. No one to say they are sorry and for them to truly mean it. When did it become ok to be mean? I know I ask this a lot!

Growing up the “other two” sisters were just somebody I was related to out there and I didn’t know them. In my head I made them nice to me, they wanted to be around me and they loved me.
Warm and fuzzy thoughts about sisters being cool and love. Funny how these two became the meanest and coldest.

Growing up with “the one” was not the warmest. I was just a body in her way or someone for her to have to take care of. I bet that was really hard after me tearing her dolls heads off. Did anyone ever stop to think maybe I was a mad and scared child because of whatever our mother got us into? Maybe she left us yet again with another relative?  And there I was a burden to my older sister. No wonder she hated me. I never did all those things that she hates about me on purpose, I never walked around with a black and cold heart. I just wanted to do good and for her to like me.

It’s sad how relationships can get destroyed by pettiness. Pure stupid shit.
It’s easy to say I won’t let it bother me today, I have things to do.

no one’s sister

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