I am the youngest of 5. All half siblings and trying to lay it all out confuses most people.
My mother gave birth to 3, 1 son and 2 daughters. Before I was born my father had 2 daughters.
My brother was taken by his father when he was an infant so I grew up only knowing OF him. I would later on in life have only few contact moments with him.
It was something we didnt’ talk about. I was raised with my only sister from my mom and met one sister when I was a child and she was teenager and didn’t meet my other sister until I was an adult. Again I alway knew about the other sisters but was not allowed to talk about them, only at my grandmothers from my dad’s side.

I guess I had a normal, what ever normal is, upbringing when it came to being the younger sister of a perfect girl. No resent there only the truth, my mother loved and needed my oldest sister more than me and it was a fact of life. I was a jerk of a child, and did not really have a relationship with my sister until my early 20’s when she stepped in to be with me during the death of my first child. That was when we really became close and began acting like real sisters.
I would again meet with another one when my father flew meĀ  to his town after the funeral.
The will be a recurring Death Theme in here.

I would later on in my 30’s meet the oldest of my sisters, at my fathers funeral. By this time in my adult life my life was complete with all 3 sisters in my life, full time and full on relationships. I did my best to be a good and dependable little sister. Always being there when they needed me and always asking and taking their advice. Always doing what they told me to do. In some cases not being able to live my life with out one sister telling me how to do it. And having another one bullying and scarring me into submission with just her tone and body language.

I took it all and let them all use me until the death of my mother 5yrs ago. That was when it all slowly started to change and one by one they began to leave me and my family’s life. So death can bring family together and death can certainly tear families apart. This is going to be my journey now as I try to continue on in life with out my sisters.

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